Friday, February 4, 2011

"I'm Gonna Wash That Gray Right Out of My Hair"*

Remember when Friday nights were made for fun? Well, maybe some of you are still having fun and if you are - here's to you. But, for me, Friday night is a chance to get a jump start on all the fun chores I have waiting for me over the next two days before it's time to head back to work.

Earlier in my work career, I couldn't wait for 5 o'clock on Friday. There was always a favorite spot, a new spot, a "happy hour," a new club. But, after a certain point, as the comedian Chris Rock once said, "Nobody wants to be the oldest guy (or woman) in the club."

So, tonight, my "happy hour" consisted of a pizza and a bottle of Pellegrino. Boring? Maybe. But, it is what it is. And to cap off my evening, I just finished coloring my hair. Isn't that exciting? Well, to be honest, it's what I've been waiting for all week-long. Friday night at my in-home hair salon. Because I don't want to be the oldest gal in the office.

Oh, I know, it's a whole new day and "30 is the new 20," and "40 is the new 30" and "50 is the new 40," but somewhere along the line, somebody forgot to relay that message to my roots. Some women look super sexy and stylish with gray hair. I have some very good friends and colleagues who are absolutely gorgeous with gray hair and they don't look old at all. But my hair just doesn't go gray well.

I mean, I read "Us Weekly," I tweet, I'm on facebook. . .hey, I'm cool. But my hair isn't.

So, my question to you is - is gray hair a hindrance in the workplace?

(*Commercial for Clairol Loving Care Hair Color - circa 1970)

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Brooklyn said...

This is funny because as I was reading this I remembered the commercial "I'm gonna wash that gray right outta my hair!":) I don't think gray is a hinderance in most legal offices - not now - because you would be hard pressed to find anyone under 50 who knows a "steno pad" from an "I-Pad". Most would think "Gregg Shorthand" is a new rock band.