Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I'll Take the Blame for That! The Proverbial Scapegoat

Is it just me who feels like the secretary is always the fall-guy/gal?

What about attorneys who wait until the last minute to meet deadlines?  When was the last time you heard one of them say, "Hey, Susie, that's my mistake.  I should have looked over that agreement before vacation?"

Don't hold your breath.

And there's something that many secretaries, yours truly, inevitably do and that is to take the blame even when it's not our fault. 

It might have something to do with the fact that we need to keep our jobs.  And the customer (i.e. attorney) is always right.

I'm really working on not internalizing it all.  Which is super hard for me to do.  Even though, I may know in my heart of hearts, it's not my fault, there's something about the way (women especially) are raised to shoulder the burden of whatever goes awry.

Thank God for all the wonderful vendors who have provided me with a nice collection of stress balls over the years.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Nothing Helps Me Overcome "Writer's Block" Better Than A Good Mystery Read

Long time, no blog.  I feel terrible.  It's already February, and I haven't posted one thing this year.  

It's just that whenever I got ready to sit down and write something, nothing really inspired me.  

I mean, I could babble about the "New Year" and "Resolutions," and "Eating Better," and "Better Work Habits," etc. but it just didn't feel like a "blog post."

However, nothing gets my creative juices pumping like a good mystery.  I just finished reading "The Cinderella Murder" by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke.  Confession:  This was my very first Mary Higgins Clark novel.  I have, of course, read several of Alafair Burke's books and love her.

Now, I'll add Mary Higgins Clark to my list of "guilty pleasures."

I mean, face it, when you work in this business under such intense, fast-paced and stressful situations, who doesn't need an escape?

I promise I won't stay away this long again!

Happy Hump Day!

In a first-time collaboration, “Queen of Suspense” Mary Higgins Clark partners with bestselling author Alafair Burke to deliver a brand new suspense series about a television program featuring cold case murders.

Television producer Laurie Moran is delighted when the pilot for her reality drama, Under Suspicion, is a success. Even more, the program—a cold case series that revisits unsolved crimes by recreating them with those affected—is off to a fantastic start when it helps solve an infamous murder in the very first episode.  *From