Friday, May 27, 2011

Book Review: "Rawhide Down"

I don’t quite understand myself lately, but I have been asking myself how does this or that make me feel? Is it because feeling is most important or just the tangent I am on at the time? I dunno, but this review is going to be written with me asking myself that very question as it pertains to my experience of reading “Rawhide Down”

I started the book trying to gage my feelings meter as I took in the title, cover photo and liner notes. All together, I went from melodrama to bio to chronology in ten minutes without knowing what to expect once I started taking in the real story which encompasses the first 229 pages of this 300 plus page work. As I continued to read I continued to experience the same varying sensations. Some paragraphs romanticized the president, first lady and his term, while other pages served as precise sequence and synchronization of the events on that day, ranging from the shooters preparations to the triage of the assassination attempt and collateral damage.

The writing was somewhat different than I am used to. The author was clear and to the point but also found time to interject Camelot-ish descriptive regarding Ronald Reagan, Nancy and his affair with the public. I early on wanted to rebel against this author trying to make me like the former President but by the time his entourage arrived at the hospital I was wishing I were there to lead the blocking as he “entered the Hospital under his own power”

I am not a Reagan supporter or supporter of any higher official on an active basis. I guess its my issue I have for authority figures. But before this story was finished, I felt for all things presidential. I felt for the men charged with protecting the Man and the Office of the Presidency, I felt for Nancy; I felt for the other wounded victims; I felt for the Doctors, Nurses, Staffers; I felt for America not knowing; and I also felt for the Shooter.
(Reviewed by John S.)

"Rawhide Down" by Del Quentin Wilber

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Pimp My Ride" - Court Reporter's Ergo Chair by SOMA Ergonomics

Sweet, huh? Life is a bowl of chair-ees with this Court Reporter's Chair from SOMA Ergonomics.

Check back in a couple of weeks and I'll let you know how my "test drive" went.

Available in different sizes, also without the cutout for non stenographers and in any fabric you can imagine!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fitwise Pilates - El Cerrito, CA

Who doesn't like treats from vendors? I know I do. Cookies, chocolates and candy. And how often do you skip lunch and eat at your desk? We tend to sit a lot on our jobs, so that means we need to exercise. Ronda Priestner* makes getting fit fun. Check out her brand new location at:

FitWise Pilates
11100 San Pablo Avenue, Suite #109
El Cerrito, CA 94530
(510) 232-4885

Because as Kanye West says, "with that Mocha-Latte, you need a little Pilates."

For more information on class schedules and specialized fitness programs, visit:

*Ronda Priestner has worked as an exclusive chef / wellness consultant and movement therapist for private citizens and celebrities alike throughout the world. During her career as the Body, Mind and Spirit Chef, she instructed workshops and clients on weight management, energy optimization, personal fitness, theraputic movement and other daily life concerns through an easy approach to nutrition, movement and lifestyle choices.

Ronda has traveled extensively throughout the West Indies, the South Pacific, as well as South, Central, and North America, researching medicinal and native foods that formed the basis of many of her dishes.
Her own desire for optimal fitness and well-being led her to create a style of nutritious haute cuisine for specialty diets and natural living.

As the owner and director of FitWise Pilates and Wellness in El Cerrito, California. Ronda teaches Pilates, brain fitness and movement to heal, function, rehabilitate and strengthen both body and soul.

Friday, May 13, 2011

I Cannot Be Bought

I cannot in good conscience use someone's services just because they happen to bring me treats. But, I sure wish I had some work for the good folks at Teris today. Alex K. just brought me an "inside out cupcake" called a Gobba Gobba. All I can say is "HUBBA, HUBBA!" This is one of the most amazing confections I've ever had. And it's made locally.

Check them out for yourself at:

What a way to end the week, huh?

(These things are totally addicting!)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's Always Personal - Emotion in the New Workplace by Anne Kreamer

"WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME you cried at work? Or didn’t know how to respond when one of your colleagues broke down? Did someone at work blow up at you – or did you yell at a co-worker? Do you wish people where you work laughed on the job more — or less? Or didn’t exasperate you constantly? Or showed a little tact and sensitivity? Or didn’t go to such ridiculous lengths to avoid telling it like it is?"*

*(Anne Kreamer)

Take the survey at:

Anne Kreamer's new book, "It's Always Personal - Emotion in the New Workplace"

Available at:


Barnes and Noble