Tuesday, March 19, 2013


In a town full of purse snobs, what’s a girl to do?

I know that working in the big city has its pros and cons.  I love the energy, excitement and the fact that there’s always something going on in San Francisco.  It’s a “vibe” like no other.

I also appreciate working in a nice office with nice amenities and free gourmet coffee.  I also respect firms that have a “dress code.”  And I never (well, almost never) go to work looking like a slouch.

But this whole designer handbag thing has gotten completely out of hand (pun intended).  The other day I went into the shoe shop to get the handle fixed on my vintage designer purse.  Yes, I’m now at the age that I am the original owner of vintage clothing. 

I realize that a lot of younger women are probably still living at home or have very high incomes and can afford to drop a few stacks on a handbag.  Unfortunately, that’s not my situation.

However, the way these women were coming into the repair shop with this Prada and that Gucci and this Jimmy Choo and names I couldn’t even pronounce had my head spinning.  The first thought that came to mind is “these must be attorneys, because surely they can’t be secretaries!”

Confession.  I did happen to be carrying a Jessica Simpson purse which probably made me stick out like Minnie Pearl.  Actually, references like Minnie Pearl aren’t helping my age case much.  And the way they looked at little old me – if looks could kill!


Any-hoo, I left the shop feeling like the lowest of low.  In all fairness, the repairman was super nice and told me that he could fix my bag up so that it was presentable.  I waited until the shop had cleared and I told him that I didn’t envy him one bit.  Having to deal with all those “bag-tudes” all day could drive a person insane. 

He looked at me, smiled and said, ‘Ma’am, you have no idea.’

Whatever happened to working women who shopped at good old JC Penney?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Springing Forward - Helpful Tips for Waking Up and Getting to Work On Time

Today marks the beginning of Daylight Savings Time.  I love having that extra daylight in the evenings.  Even if I'm working late, it's still light when I get off.  Makes it a lot safer for commuting and  taking care of errands.

Downside:  It takes me about a week to adjust to that "lost" hour of sleep.

Here are a few tricks I've tried over the years.  And here's to hoping they work this year!

1.  If you wake up to music, change the station that you wake up with.  If you're waking up to classical, how about setting the station to rock.  That'll get your attention.

2.  Instead of taking a hot shower, try taking a lukewarm shower.  You won't freeze and you'll be more awake.

3.  If you have an automatic drip coffeemaker, program it the night before.  Grind your beans, place out your mug, etc.  Every minute counts.

4.  Plan your wardrobe the night before.  Just like when you were in school.  'Lay' out what you plan to put on in the morning.  No time for indecision.

5.  This might be a week to try minimal makeup if you can get away with it.  For me, it means maybe skipping the eyeliner.  My eyes don't focus the way they used to and I want to make sure I have a straight line.

6.  Mind over matter.  Don't focus on the hour you're losing in the morning.  Focus on the extra hour of daylight you'll have when you complete your workday.

And lastly, remember - it's beyond your control!  Change is good.  Next week this time, you'll be smiling!