Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tote-Ally Can't Go Anywhere without my Tote Bag!

Who needs a Louis Vuitton?  Oh, sure they're nice.  Very nice.  But my infatuation with totes is not influenced by price.  I look for durability and overall functionality. 

I carry a tote to work every day.  And often on Saturdays.  You could call my bags a "security blanket" of sorts.

Abusy secretary never knows what she might need in the course of a day.  Not to mention all the "stuff" I have to bring to work just to get through an 8-hour day.

There's newspapers, magazines, a kindle, postage stamps, snack bars, yogurt and an umbrella.  And that's just the stuff I can "disclose" here.

Totally digging my newest addition.  This big boy from Bayside is sturdy, big and roomy and has nice curves.

Law firm life is not easy.  That's why I make sure I'm "armed" and ready.  Pun intended.