Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Secret Life of Wishful Thinking by Lindy Dekoven

Available on Kindle and in Paperback

I just spent a week with four amazing women.  Kenzie, Gemma, Brynne and Sarita.

There's nothing that makes me smile like a good book.  And "The Secret Life of Wishful Thinking" by Lindy Dekoven is a winner.

I happen to believe that nothing is by coincidence and this book gave me hope that women can truly be good friends and support each other. Even though it often doesn't feel that way.

I chose it for my book club's selection this month and it's a real "feel good."

Sometimes you just need to end up in a happy place and know that you're not alone.  

A humiliating incident four years ago cost Kenzie Armstrong her pride and her marketing career, but now she’s making her way back at a run-down racetrack where she’s charged with increasing attendance. After a chance encounter with a storefront psychic, Kenzie begins secretly wishing that the fortune teller’s far-fetched prediction will come true.
Her best friend, Gemma, an outspoken extrovert and dreamer, has her own secret wish—finding the true identify of her biological father. But is it worth the risk? And at what cost?
Brynne is a powerful and bossy horse owner at the racetrack, with a seemingly perfect family and Bel-Air mansion to match. But her world is full of dark secrets, many of which threaten everything she has.
Sarita, a track coordinator by day and Goth singer by night, bristles under the expectations of her traditional Indian family. Underneath it all, she secretly longs for their approval and acceptance of her chosen life.
The Secret Life of Wishful Thinking is a warm and humorous tale about four women who forge an unlikely and supportive bond—and have the audacity to dream. (from

Monday, March 16, 2015

It's March Madness Time - How Are Those New Year Resolutions Working For You?

Wow - where did the time go?

I had such big plans.  I was going to revert back to more paper instead of less paper (in the form of planners, calendars and the like), I was going to have all my work files "color coded," update ALL of my bosses' contacts in Outlook, make my workspace more "fung-shui-ey" and bring my lunch at least three times a week in 2015.

I looked up and it's already time for the office "March Madness" pool.

Looks like the only thing going mad these days is me.  With the ever-changing role of the legal secretary, a higher attorney/secretary ratio and longer commutes due to transit systems that are off-schedule, broken and other "unforeseen" obstacles, my resolutions are about 1/10th of the way complete.

Thank Goodness for Daylight Savings Time which means that I will have a couple of extra hours of light to get in some chores at home after work.

Who am I kidding?  I will just have more light to see all the things that still need doing.