Friday, February 21, 2014

Don't Worry, You've Taken the Day Off!

Am I the only person who worries about work when they're not at work?

Taking the occasional personal day is supposed to "recharge" you, right?  

So, why is it that whenever I'm off on a work-day, I'm worried about what's happening at work?

In part, it's due to the fact, that even though all employees get personal time off, vacation, sick leave, etc., co-workers don't seem to be really happy for their cube mate when they're not in the office.

In fact, I've noticed a bit of resentment on the part of my peers.  This isn't just in my office.  I've noticed it at other firms too.

In fact, at a previous job, when I was taking FMLA to take care of my dying mother, there were folks in the office, you know the ones, who were convinced that instead of taking my dear mum to chemo one day a week, I might be at the spa.  Hardly.  But that does nothing to stop the rumor mills, back-biting and sometimes downright sabotage.

Also, I'm noticing more, perhaps after the recession, secretaries, "grouping" together.  A friend and I talked about it  at lunch the other day.  She made an interesting observation.  She said, "Have you noticed they're almost like holding hands on the playground?"

She said it's called "playground psychology."

I'm not sure there's anything that will change the dynamics of office workers or stop being from begrudging their co-workers from having an extra day to do laundry.  But I sure wish we'd stick together more as "sisters and brothers in the trenches."

Remember, we need each other.  And don't worry so much about your colleagues' having a little "R and R."  We'll never make partner.

Happy Friday!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Fun Stuff - Functional Stiletto

For the shoe-lover.

This Scotch Tape Dispenser in the shape of a Stiletto.

Do you need it?  Probably not.

Do you want?  You know, you do!


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