Monday, September 12, 2016

Recommended Read: "The Last Good Girl" by Allison Leotta

I have yet to read an Anna Curtis mystery that I didn't enjoy.

And once again, Allison Leotta came through for me with "The Last Good Girl."

Her books are so detailed and accurate.  It's clear that she was a prosecutor in her former life.  And luckily for mystery lovers she's now parlayed that skill into one of the best contemporary crime novelists of the day.

Ms. Leotta writes about what's happening now and stories to which we can all relate.  I'd liken her to the literary "Law and Order:  SVU."

I'm especially loving her new locale (Detroit).  Nothing against the previous backdrops of the nation's capitol but I'm all about gentrification.

Highly recommended for lovers of the law and legal thrillers.

Emily Shapiro has gone missing. A freshman at a Michigan university, Emily was last seen leaving a bar near Beta Psi, a prestigious and secretive fraternity. The main suspect is Dylan Highsmith, the son of one of the most powerful politicians in the state. At first, the only clue is pieced-together surveil­lance footage of Emily leaving the bar that night...and Dylan running down the street after her.

When prosecutor Anna Curtis discovers a video diary Emily kept during her first few months at college, it exposes the history Emily had with Dylan: she accused him of rape before disappearing. Anna is horrified to discover that Dylan’s frat is known on campus as the “rape factory.”

The case soon gets media attention and support from Title IX activists across the country, but Anna’s investigation hits a wall. Anna has to find something, anything she can use to discover Emily alive. But without a body or any physical evidence, she’s under threat from people who tell her to stop before she ruins the name of an innocent young man.

Inspired by real-life stories, The Last Good Girl shines a light on campus rape and the powerful emotional dynamics that affect the families of the men and women on both sides. ("The Last Good Girl" by Allison Leotta)