Thursday, April 27, 2017

Staff Appreciation Week - How's it going for you?

The older I get, the more I dread this week. 

Not because I'm ungrateful for the weeklong activities from HR and the law firm office manager, but because the more presents I get, the less appreciated I feel.  And that's because even though the firm pulls out all stops, my attorneys never seem to notice.

I suppose I should be grateful for the fact that my bosses never want to take me to lunch.  They have no interest in doing anything with me outside of work - which is fine by me.  However, I can't help but recall the days when I was young and bosses couldn't wait to take you out to a fancy restaurant.

I'm not speaking in terms of sexual harassment.  Male and female bosses loved doing lunch with you.

It was like, "you've got a bright future with the firm and I'm happy to have you on my team."

Now, it's more like, "You're a certain age and let's not kid each other, people aren't exactly lining up to hire people over 40."  Plain and simple.

If there's anything that gives me consolation, it's knowing that my skills are still pretty darn sharp and I'd match myself up against most of the younger men and women in my office any day.

Well, almost any day.  Maybe not Monday.

Did I say, "Happy Administrative Professionals Week?" 

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