Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Take Good Care of Your Hands and They'll Take Good Care of You With Crabtree and Evelyn

I never thought about my hands much until I reached a certain age.

Okay, truthfully speaking, I never thought as much about my hands as I have this winter.

They are taking a beating.  The colder temperatures combined with what may or may not be compulsive hand washing in an effort to avoid germs, it's been brutal on "les mains."

Grateful for Crabtree and Evelyn (TM) and their La Source Hand Care Collection.

I usually "treat myself" during the holidays to a nice bottle of hand cream that will take me into the first quarter of the new year.  It's important to take care of your "whole self," which includes your hands.  Feet are another subject for another day.

I've tried many hand care products over the years and this one has really proven its worth.

There's nothing like handing over the brief to the attorney with alligator hands.  You don't want alligator hands.  No one wants alligator hands.

You should treat yourself to a nice hand cream.  This one is well worth a try.

I hope you find this tip handy.  Get it?

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